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60th anniversary

Yes, it is true Winking yesterday I could celebrate my 60th birthday. To remember that special day Nadine and Alain were organizing a birthday party without my knowledge.
It was a perfect surprise and all my family, friends and acquaintances were already at the Gusslihaus when we arrived.
It was really a special and wonderful evening for me that I will never forget (photos). I have enjoyed it very much and I would like to say thanks to all of you.

flight days - Easter 2016

This is my Quadcopter a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K. Essentially, it is an (almost) autonomously flying video camera.
No comparison to a RC model; be it a helicopter, model-aircraft or sailplane. With the techniques now used (GPS, telemetry data and video downlink) a Quadcopter is a hight-tech device and because it belongs to mass-produced goods, the prices - also are no comparison to RC models.
Beside the Easter eggs search there has been left some time, to make a few flights with the Quadcopter. I have created a dedicated album on Flickr now. There the photos from my flights are filed, or, at least a part of it. For the videos there will be a colletion on my Vimeo account real soon now.

NOM 2016

as you might know I am doing orienteering and in particularly night-o because during the night more o-skills are required than during a day competition. The Swiss championship in night orienteering (NOM) in 2016 was held in Meggen near Luzern. And there was no mass start than in previous years, just a simple event.
Photo by Samuel Hebeisen (
This together with the fact that my health has been better than in last months was my motivation to prepare for that event. Sam my brother asked me to travel with me. He wanted to make a few photos from this event. I've enjoyed the competiton and the result was also pleasing (see my course on the map in the class M60).

new Quadrocopter, Q500 Typhoon

push the button .. it’s that easy!
These kind of RC-model has done a remarkable development during the last three years. Then I bought a Blade mQX to see how a quadrocopter compares to an e-heli. I have even made a video - or at least tried to.
But today you can buy drones or quadrocopters, as I prefer to say, that are build for the special purpose of aerial photography (and videos). One of these kind is the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon that I have now in my hangar. More photos and videos will follow soon.

3rd Kyu to Alain

Alain is still training with the club Karate-Do Winterthur. And on that Friday evening he successfully mastered the 3. Kyu (brown).
I have visited his exam and took a few photos and also a short video.