2 viewing towers (Randen)

It has been Alains wish to go for a bike ride in the Randen area as five years ago. This time we visited the two remaining observation towers the Beringer and the Sieblinger tower.
The Siblinger tower was unsafe last time and we couldn’t go upstairs. In the meantime there has been a new tower built and we could enjoy a beautiful view from there.
As usual while on a bike trip in the Randen we made a break at the Randenhaus restaurant Happy. You may view a few photos from the trip on the Flickr album.

vacation in Copenhagen

everything has changed this year. Even our plans for vacations. We had cancelled our trip to Scotland already in January when the disease was diagnosed at Marianne. So I decided to travel to Copenhagen for one week and visiting the Danish capital.
Together with Alain, I visited some of the many attractions. You may view the photos on my flickr album or see the video clip on Vimeo (changing of the guard).

living on a building site

on Sunday morning a part of our ceiling in kitchen was falling down with a loud bang. No idea why but it was big luck that none of us was in the kitchen when this happened.
Sure our flat needs a renovation. For more than one week Alain and me were living in this state: quite uncomfortable! At least during the weekend the side covers were removed.
Luckily this work is now finished and we can have back our flat.

Kaman K-Max (1:72) by ROTEX

finally I have finished this model. I got one of the first kits in 2013 from Attack Squadron but since I planned to build it in the colors of the Swiss operator Rotex Helicopter AG there was a little more work to do, e.g. drawing custom decals.
This is a resin kit which is somewhat difficult to handle compared to the ‚standard‘ plastic kits. And of course there are a few things that have to be changed to build exactly this model. More pictures of the model are on my flickr album.

Winti-Marathon, SiroSport again

it is the third time in a row that a team of SiroSport wins the marathon relay of the Winterthurer Marathon.
This year SiroSport takes also the second place. Nadine could finish the last leg for the team „Tödi“.