brocken ribs

on Sunday 25. October I was going for a bike-o competition in Wil (SG). The OL-Regio Wil was offering two orienteering events at one day (bike and foot).
I had a good start until control 8. Then I wasn’t concentrated for one short moment resulting in a fall.

On my route to control 9 I did one last check and get a fright on driving to control 6. Therefore I read the map in detail to find out that everything is ok; I had to pass control 6 again. But this double checking took two or three seconds more than expected. Too much!
I was driving straight away from the road into a small channel and ending at a big tree 10 meters away (more details).
Since nothing happened to my bike and I didn’t feel bad I continued my competition as good as possible. But I couldn’t sleep during the next two nights and when I went to the doctor he diagnoses two broken ribs at my back.
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