IWM Duxford, England

Having seen many of the Air Museums in Germany and Switzerland my brothers and me decided to travel to England and see what’s on display there. Since traveling to England take quite a while we planned to visit more than one museum.
Flying to Stansted seems a good starting point for the IWM at Duxford in the north, not far from Cambridge, and the various museums located in London.
Duxford is huge! All the aircrafts are displayed in over six hangars (seeing here the Air and Space hangar). While our visit there was a Catalina and an F-86 Sabre doing test flights for the upcoming air show a week later (see the videos). There’s no surprise that we could see airplanes that one never would see in Switzerland.
When the museum did close its doors at 6 pm we weren’t through all the halls. Maybe we had to come again to see all the things. There are photo albums of the Air and Space, the Flying Aircrafts plus Battle of Britain and the American Air Museum.

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