cycling around the Lake Constance (lower lake)

Nadine really would like to come with me to the MG2017, that was unfortunately not possible for business reasons. After all, she could take a few days off. Together, we went on a bike tour around the lower lake of Lake Constance. On the first day we were biking from Winterthur through the Thurgau to the Reichenau. Sadly we have missed the ferry from Mannenbach to Reichenau and therefore we had to make an additional loop of 18 km to Konstanz. Logically, this makes us even more hungry and thirsty.
The next morning we were travelling to Radolfzell, Moss, Wangen to Stein am Rhein. From there, the way back to Winterthur was well known to us. For me, two intense and nice weeks have come to an end.reichenau-inselgl-blog

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